We are Country & Region investment consultants and we work with stakeholders to secure investment to countries and regions. As investment consultants for USD$1 Million in fees we undertake to secure a 50x multiple in investment ie  USD$50 Million worth of investment for a given country or region.

The Key is identifying investable sectors within a given country or region , which must be further enhanced by incentives .Governments and regions seeking investment need to assess this from global competitiveness perspective as investment tends to follow the path of least resistance , risk and with the highest possible returns , all things being constant.

We work with through our investment brokerage consultancy Trans Allied Resources to secure investors for the right projects. Governments and regions benefit by securing investments and over the long term, they also benefit from significant downstream multiplier effects benefits beyond the initial investment.

Our consultancy fees start from USD$100 000-00 and upon identifying investments targets , our fee guide is USD$1 Million to deliver USD$50 Million worth of investment into a given country or region.



Our Government services provides innovative out of the box solutions for Governments to derive additional revenue from their country and or resources beyond taxation and royalties. From our experience we work ONLY directly with the Office of the President or Prime Minister to ensure execution and to avoid bureaucracy.

We assess countries on cases by case basis and propose real and meaningful avenues of revenue generation through the creation on profitable enterprises.