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Vigyan Bhavan Annexe, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi 110011


Location ID: HZHZ06
  • 3
  • GDP $
  • 2
  • Population
  • 1
  • GDP Per Capita
  • 1560
  • Sq Ft
  • 2016
  • Year Built 1



Reasons to invest

1.One of the world’s fastest-growing economies

  • For the first time, India has crossed the $70 Bn mark in FY 2019-20 and recorded total FDI inflow of  $73.45 Bn.
  • Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi announced a special economic and comprehensive package of more than $270 Bn – equivalent to 10% of India’s GDP, under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Self-reliant India). 

Source: Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance

  • India to remain one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. IMF projects a growth of 8.8% for India in 2021

2.Largest youth population in the world

The population of India is expected to rise from 121.1 cr to 152.2 cr during 2011-36 an increase of 25.7% in twenty five years.With the largest ever adolescent and youth population. It will continue to have one of the youngest populations in the world till 2030.

3.Indian infrastructure story

  • Hon’ble Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman announced the National Infrastructure Pipeline first-of-its-kind initiative to provide world-class infrastructure across the country.
  • The NIP will attract investments into infrastructure and will be crucial for attaining the target of becoming a $5 Tn economy by FY 2025.
  • Nearly 7,000 projects across different sectors costing above INR 100 Crore per project and totaling INR 111 Lakh Crore have been identified
  • Sectors such as Energy (24%), Roads (18%), Urban (17%) and Railways (12%) amount to around 71% of the projected infrastructure investments in India. 

Source: Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance and India Investment Grid

  • By 2030, it is estimated that around 42% of India’s population would be urbanised from 31% in 2011.

4.Rising global competitiveness

  • India jumps 79 positions from 142nd (2014) to 63rd (2019) in ‘World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking 2020’. Source: World Bank
  • India ranks 68th on the Global Competitiveness Index 2018-19. 

Source: World Economic Forum

  • 95% of 1.2 billion Indians are covered under Aadhar Scheme, one of the world’s largest social security program. 

Source: Press Information Bureau, Government of India

  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, a formalization of savings scheme under which 312 mn bank accounts have been opened with savings amounting to $11.6 bn. 

Source: Ministry of Finance, Government of India

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST), the biggest tax reforms since independence, paves way for a common national market by integrating various indirect taxes.

5.Global Innovation Index 2020

  • India jumps 4 positions and ranks 48th in the Global Innovation Index 2020 rankings

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization

  • India ranks #1 in the Central & Southern Asia Region

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization

  • India ranks 3rd amongst the Lower Middle-Income Economy Group 

6.Rising economic influence

  • Centre of global maritime trade to move from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean Region. India and China will be the largest manufacturing hubs of the world by 2030. 

Source: Lloyd’s Register Marine & University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

  • Connectivity to Central Asia and Europe via the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC). 

Source: Press Information Bureau, Government of India

  • In the next five years, India to have greater economic influence across the Asia-Pacific Region. 

Source: Baker McKenzie & Mergermarket Group

7.Schemes for MSMEs

Under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) implements various programmes/ MSME schemes for the development and promotion of MSMEs across the country.

More information:

Sectors in India

1.Agriculture & Forestry

The agricultural exports as a percentage of India’s agricultural GDP has increased from 9.4 % in 2017-18 to 9.9 % in 2018-19.

  • India has the 10th largest arable land resource in the world.
  • India is the largest producer of spices, pulses, milk, tea, cashew and jute
  • India is the 2nd largest producer of Bamboo in the World
  • India is the second-largest producers of fruits and vegetables

Investment Opportunities in Agriculture & Forestry

2.Auto Components

The growing presence of global automobile Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the Indian manufacturing landscape has significantly increased the localization of their components in the country.

  • The rapidly growing auto market in India is expected to reach $ 300 bn by 2026
  • Automotive aftermarket segment in India is expected to reach $ 32 bn by 2026
  • Auto Components industry exports to grow 5X in next 10 years

Investment Opportunities in Auto Components


  • India is the world’s 4th largest vehicle market
  • World’s largest tractor manufacturer and second largest bus manufacturer
  • World’s largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer
  • World’s third largest heavy truck manufacturer and fourth largest car manufacturer

Investment Opportunities in Automobile


  • India is the 5th largest market in terms of aircraft passengers (domestic and international)
  • Ninth largest Civil Aviation market in the world
  • Fastest growing domestic air market in the world
  • 52 DGCA approved AME Training Institutes

5.BFSI – Fintech & Financial Services

  • India has the highest FinTech adoption rate globally of 87% which is significantly higher than the global average rate of 64%
  • 2nd highest funded sector (after E-commerce)
  • 3rd largest FinTech ecosystem globally


  • India is the 3rd largest biotech destination in the Asia Pacific Region
  • World’s largest producer of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine
  • World’s largest producer of BT Cotton
  • World’s highest number of USFDA approved plants

Investment Opportunities in Biotechnology

7.Capital Goods

  • Capital goods contribute 12% to the overall manufacturing in India
  • Direct and indirect employment expected to reach 5 mn and 25 mn, respectively by 2025
  • Indian generation and T&D equipment market to reach $ 100 bn by 2022
  • Indian Electrical equipment is the largest sub-sector followed by Plant equipment & Earth moving/ mining machinery


  • India ranks 6th in the world in Chemicals sales and contributes 3% to global chemical industry
  • Third largest consumer of polymers in the world
  • Fourth largest producer of agrochemicals in the world
  • Sixth largest producer of chemicals in the world


  • 100 smart cities by 2020
  • Second largest employer in India in 2017
  • Second largest FDI recipient sector for India in 2017
  • Third largest construction market globally by 2025
  • 9% Share in India’s GDP
  • 9829 km Highway construction in India (2017-18)
  • $16.6 bn New investment in road infrastructure
  • 51 mn People employed

Investment Opportunities in Construction

10.Defence Manufacturing

  • India has the 5th largest defence budget in the world
  • 2.3% GDP spent on defence
  • 15% Share in global arms import
  • $64.4 bn Union budget 2020-21
  • $780 mn Exports (Mar- Dec 2020)

Investment Opportunities in Defence Manufacturing

11.Electronic Systems

  • India is one of the largest consumer electronics markets in Asia Pacific Region
  • $120 bn Indian Electronics Market
  • 2.5% Contribution to GDP
  • $8.8 bn Exports in 2018-19
  • 13 mn Direct and indirect employment

12.Food Processing 

  • World’s largest milk producing nation
  • 32%Share in India’s food market
  • 11.6%Share in total employment
  • 10.7%Share in India’s exports
  • 142%Cropping intensity

Investment Opportunities in Food Processing


  • Healthcare industry in India is projected to reach $372 bn by 2022
  • 370% Increase in health expenditure (2000-2014)
  • 45.06% Increase in the total investments in healthtech startups.
  • 40% Share in hospital beds (Pvt.)
  • 22.9% Industry CAGR (2015-20)

14.IT & BPM

  • India is the world’s largest BPM destination
  • 8% Share in India’s GDP
  • >55% Share in global outsourcing market
  • 19% E-commerce growth
  • >45% Share in Indian services export


  • India is the world’s 2nd largest footwear producer
  • $2.6 bn Footwear exports
  • $429 mn Leather garments exports
  • 4.42 mn People employed
  • $524 mn Finished leather exports


  • India has 5th largest media and entertainment market in the world
  • 11.8% Entertainment industry CAGR (2016-21)
  • 44.2% TV industry revenue share
  • 38.1% Advertising revenue share
  • 24% Print media revenue share

17.Medical Devices

  • India is the 4th largest market for medical devices in Asia
  • 74% Pvt. sector’s share in hospitals
  • 15.8% Growth rate (2009-2016)
  • 800 Number of pvt. players in India
  • 4000+ Number of health-tech startups in India

18.Metals & Mining

  • Second largest producer of steel globally
  • 300 MT Domestic steel production capacity by 2030
  • $14.2 bn FDI equity inflows into the Metallurgical and mining (April 2000- Sept 2020)
  • $27.73 mn FDI equity inflows into coal production (April 2000- Sept 2020)
  • 3.33 MMT Aluminium production growth forecast (by FY20)

19.Oil & Gas

  • India is the 2nd largest refiner in Asia
  • 3.44% Gas Consumption CAGR (2014-19)
  • 5.19% Oil Consumption CAGR (2014-19)
  • 10% Petrochemical Industry CAGR (by 2022)
  • 7.5% Fuel RO CAGR (2002-19)


  • India is the 3rd largest pharmaceuticals industry in the world by volume
  • 20% Generics medicines exports share (global)
  • $19.3 Bn Pharma exports worth
  • 70% Generic drugs revenue share
  • 21% Patented drugs revenue share

21.Ports & Shipping

  • Maritime transport in India handles 95% of the trade by volume
  • 699.55 MT Cargo traffic at major ports (2018-19)
  • 2.9% Cargo traffic growth
  • 1431 Indian fleet strength (no. of vessels – coastal & overseas as on Apr 2020)
  • 1451.2 MTPA Capacity (2018)


  • India has the world’s largest rail network in terms of passenger traffic
  • 12,163 mn Estimated Passengers in 2031
  • 8,220 MT Estimated Freight Demand in 2031
  • 2024 MT Freight Loading by 2024
  • $11.8 bn Revenue from freight traffic (2020)

23.Renewable Energy

  • India has the largest renewable energy expansion plan globally
  • 1000 + GW Renewable energy potential in India
  • 90 GW Installed renewable energy capacity (as of November 2020)
  • 22% Share in total installed capacity
  • 137% Increase in renewable installed capacity (FY 2013-14 to FY 2018-19)

24.Retail & E-commerce

  • Indian retail market is projected to reach $1.75 tn by 2026
  • 10% Contribution to India’s GDP
  • 8% Share in India’s employment
  • 4 X Rise in consumption
  • 3 X Growth in organized retail

25.Roads & Highways

  • India has the world’s 2nd largest road network
  • 40 Km Avg. highway constructed per day
  • 10800 Km National highway construction
  • 15% Share of GDP on logistics & transportation
  • 742 Projects awarded under PPP


  • India has the world’s 2nd largest mobile market
  • 6.5% Contribution to India’s GDP
  • 4 mn Total employment
  • 620 mn+ Smartphone subscriptions
  • 100 No. of smart cities

27.Textiles & Apparel

  • 5th largest exporter of Textiles and Apparel
  • 28% Expected sector CAGR (2019-2021)
  • 2% share in India’s GDP
  • 12% Textile exports share in overall exports
  • 45 mn Direct employment generated

28.Thermal Power

  • India has the 5th highest installed thermal power capacity globally
  • 367.28 GW Installed capacity of power stations
  • 159.54 GW Peak power requirement
  • 9.08% Installed capacity CAGR (FY09–FY18)
  • 67% Required hydropower capacity

29.Tourism & Hospitality

  • India ranks 3rd in WTTC Travel & Tourism Power and Performance ranking
  • 1.2% Share in World Tourist Arrivals
  • 2.05% Share in World Tourism Receipts
  • 23.6% Growth in Foreign Tourist Arrival on e-Tourist Visa
  • $29.9 Bn Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEEs)

Invest India


Key Documents

India - Electronic System Design & Manufacturing
India - Electric Vehicles
India - Defence Manufacturing
India - Construction
India - Civil Aviation
India - Chemicals
India - Biotechnology
India - Automobiles & Auto Components
India - Financial Investors Initiative
India - Setting Up Business in India
India - AGNIi Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations
India - Startup India
India - India Investment Grid
India - Project Monitoring Group
India - Invest India Brochure
India - Taxation Guide
India - Innovation Report 2020
India - Doing Business in India
India - Tourism
India - Textiles & Apparel
India - Roads & Highways
India - Retail & E-Commerce
India - Renewable Energy
India - Railways
India - Ports & Shipping
India - Pharmaceuticals
India - Consumer Goods
India - Oil & Gas
India - Metals & Mining
India - Medical Devices
India - Logistics
India - Leather
India - IT & BPM
India - Healthcare
India - Food Processing
  • Address Maulana Azad Road
  • State/county New York
  • Zip/Postal Code 110011
  • Area Manhattan
  • Country United States


Updated on February 5, 2021 at 6:34 pm
  • Location ID: HZHZ06
  • Location Size 1: 1560 Sq Ft
  • GDP $: 3
  • Population: 2
  • GDP Per Capita: 1
  • Garage Size: 200 SqFt
  • Year Built 1: 2016
  • FDI Location : Studio
  • FDI Location Status: For Sale

Additional details

  • Deposit: 20%
  • Pool Size: 300 Sqft
  • Last remodel year: 1987
  • Amenities: Clubhouse
  • Additional Rooms:: Guest Bath
  • Equipment: Grill - Gas

Floor Plans


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