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Implementation Stage

Co-financing investment projects which generate positive externalities. The incentive supports the purchase of fixed assets, productive infrastructure and / or working capital.

Investment & Working Capital Guarantees

This program is intended to improve the access and funding conditions for companies developing an investment project or requiring working capital. Guarantees are granted to lending institutions by the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO).

VAT exemption

Projects that involve an investment of at least US$ 5 million can apply for a tax credit with regards to capital goods imported.

Remote areas

Tax credit and grants for projects in Chile’s northernmost regions of Arica – Parinacota & Tarapacá, as well as the southernmost Chilean zones of Palena Province (Los Lagos Region), Aysén and Magallanes (Chilean Patagonia).

R&D Tax Incentive

It allows a reduction in the Income Tax of 35% of the investment in R&D, by tax credit (maximum of US$ 1 million). It also allows to consider the remaining 65% of R&D investment, as required expenses to deduct Income Tax.

Business Technological Innovation Programs

Subsidies for development related to Product or Processes Innovation (Prototypes) and

Innovation Validation & Packaging for amounts that range from US$90,000 to US$500,000.

ENTREPRENEURIAL ENVIRONMENT- Vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

We are internationally recognized for our pioneering entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our country breeds professionals and skilled-workers that are fearless when it comes to tackling new challenges.

  • Ranked 1st in LatAm & 19th  internationally in the Global Entrepreneurship Index (Global Entrepreneurship & Development Institute -GEDI).
  • Launched in 2010, Start-Up Chile is known as ‘The Revolutionary Startup Accelerator’ (Forbes 2018). It has effectively backed 1,600 companies from 85 countries, creating US$ 1,4 billion in net value assets.

ON-GOING LEADERSHIP- When it comes to Foreign Direct Investment- FDI, we  are leaders in Latin America.Our competitive edge and solid economic foundation make us OECD’s first South American economy. We are a nation that breathes a dynamic business culture and displays the highest GDP (PPP) per capita in South America.

SOPHISTICATED TALENT- We are the regional talent magnet.Our economy has global-minded talent. With competitive costs and highly-skilled professionals, we are prepared for the challenges brought by the new economy. Positioned as Latin America’s leader in education.

  • The ideal conditions for future clean energy and lead the fight against climate change.
  • We are a natural laboratory for new-tech and green business initiatives. We have created the ideal conditions for future clean energy and lead the fight against climate change in the region. 
  • Mercer’s 2019 Global Quality of Living Ranking rates Santiago as one of the three best cities to live in Latin America.
  • Non-Conventional renewable energy is the building block of our energy matrix.
  • Chile leads Latin America in Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index-GCI 2018.

Key Sectors to Invest


Chile is a worldwide leader in mining. We have the experience to be your strategic partners in innovation projects by adding value to your company. Location. When it comes to metals, Chile has got it: 22% of the world’s copper reserves, 11% of the molybdenum reserves, 5% of the silver reserves, 7% of gold and 48% of the world’s lithium reserves. The largest mining companies in the world operate in our country and the investment forecasts are for more than US$ 60 billion over the next seven years.

Global Services

We have the talent and the technology to promote your company’s services to the world. We do it in one of the most recognized entrepreneurial environments on the globe and with competitive costs. Talent. We are the leaders of OECD’s PISA educational ranking in Latin America. We have a “Visa Tech – Talent Attraction Program” that provides special conditions & a fast-track work permit for specialized professionals and human capital relevant to the industry. Start-up Chile is one of the TOP 10 business accelerator worldwide. Its reach and influence extends globally, being credited as the inspiration behind public accelerator programs in over 50 countries. Platform. More than 60 multinational companies choose Chile as a hub for exporting services to their customers around the world. We are globally integrated, having high standard of connectivity and advanced technological infrastructure available throughout the country. We consolidated a steady growth in global services exports, reaching around 4 billion in 2018, We have planned to reach US$ 5 billion by 2020.In Chile, the growth rate of the sector is around 7.1%, while the global average is 5.8%


We are a natural laboratory for the energy of the future. We have a unique environment accompanied by state-of-the-art policies for the development of new sustainable energy technologies. We have the best conditions for solar energy production in the world; including 4 thousand hours of sunshine per year in our northern regions and the highest levels of solar radiation found anywhere on the planet. Optimal wind energy potential and operative wind farms may be found all over Chile (Antofagasta, Coquimbo, Biobío, Los Lagos and Magallanes)..

Food Industry

Diversity. We have diverse climates and can count on highly fertile land. We are one of five macro zones in the world that has Mediterranean-like climate. This is strengthened by maintaining zoo sanitary and phytosanitary safety, thanks to geographic barriers and strict border controls. We have established on-going leadership when it comes to the exporting agricultural products, we are a large supplier to the northern hemisphere due to our counter-season production. Our outlook gears towards sustainable agriculture and encouraging high levels of technical specialization. We strongly believe that our advances in technology, biotechnology and research are key in supporting this effort. Networks. We have a robust commercial network supported by 27 trade agreements in 64 markets. This means that by operating from Chile you can reach 86.3% of global GDP with privileged tariff conditions. We are world leaders in exporting blueberries, cherries, grapes, prunes, dehydrated apples, salmon and mussels. Keep in mind that we are also amongst the first places in any ranking regarding the export of wine, raspberries and inulin.

Venture Capital

Chile’s venture capital industry has trebled in the past decade, reaching over US$1.300 million, and has financed more than 280 companies. Chile serves as an excellent laboratory for companies to test their business model before expanding to other countries in the region.


Once again awarded the most important adventure tourism destination in the world, Chile offers: stargazing in the world’s driest desert, cleanest skies, ancient glaciers on the planet’s southernmost tip, forests and lakes located at the foot of imposing volcanoes. Islands full of legends, tradition in wines and a Santiago that feels modern and trendy. It is the ideal destination for conventions and events. Here is an invitation to develop projects and enjoy the great adventure of Latin America.

Invest Chile

Phone: (56-2) 2663 9200

Key Documents

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