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A stable country with a sustained macroeconomy – Very important for the business climate, the Republic of Guinea is fortunate to enjoy a stable political context. Indeed, the new parliament and the new constitution reinforce this democracy in progress. In order to continue consolidating this democratic anchorage, the State continues to carry out reforms within the republican institutions. Macroeconomic stability is reflected in a stable currency, inflation and a controlled budget deficit. All these indicators are under control to enable economic growth.

A legal and fiscal incentive framework–  The structural reforms undertaken in recent years have contributed to a significant improvement in the legal and institutional framework, thus promoting investment in the Republic of Guinea. Security, support and competitiveness are at the heart of the investment policy advocated by the government. Substantial investment in basic infrastructure by the state Guinea has modernized by developing its basic infrastructure. – This significant progress has materialized through massive state investment in priority sectors such as energy, mining, transport, ICT and hotels.

An attractive business climate – The Republic of Guinea has for several years been in a good     dynamic of improvement of the business climate. The important measures taken have enabled   many national and international investments to be made, with the result that the advantages and  guarantees offered to very attractive investors. It is now easier to establish and start a business in Guinea.     

A growing agricultural and energy power–  Known as « the water tower of West Africa », its hydroelectric production potential of 6,000 MW makes Guinea the future regional energy hub. With a marked hydrographic advantage and only 25% of the arable land currently in production, opportunities in agriculture, forestry, livestock farming and fishing are immense. All the natural conditions are in place for diversified and intensive agricultural production.

Unequal mining potential –  Among the largest in the world, the Republic of Guinea’s mineral resource reserves are of very good quality and variety. Bauxite accounts for 2/3 of the world’s reserves and the Republic of Guinea is the 2nd largest exporter in the world. There are also iron with world-class deposits, gold, diamond, silver, manganese, granite etc.

Easy access to regional and international markets–  Guinea is a bridge within the West African region. With 6 land borders with Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire, it gives all investors the opportunity to reach a market of 64 million consumers. Member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional organization of 15 countries to promote economic integration in promising sectors such as mining, agriculture, transport, energy and trade. A market estimated at more than 350 million consumers is within    investor’s reach by establishing themselves in Guinea. Benefit from preferential access to the American market (AGOA):  AGOA allows consumer goods to be exported to the US market without quotas and free of duty or at reduced rates.Benefit from fast and quality transportation :  Guinea is less than 6 hours from Europe and 7 hours from the United States by plane. The Port of Conakry offers quality logistic services and a direct link with the train and major roads.  



The agricultural sector is growing rapidly and is a major asset for economic diversification. Thanks to the active support of the government, favourable agro-climatic conditions, a better qualified workforce and mechanisation in agricultural areas, Guinea offers many investment opportunities.


Guinea is undergoing massive modernisation and extension of its infrastructure. Thus, the Guinean government is increasing the number of major works in order to ensure economic development for the country. It is encouraging greater private sector participation in public-private partnerships to meet local needs in terms of road, real estate, rail and maritime infrastructure.


Guinea is known for its great mineral wealth but also for the distribution of different types of minerals throughout its territory such as bauxite, iron, gold and diamonds. The mining sector currently accounts for more than 80% of exports and provides around 20% of government revenue. The reforms undertaken in this sector have inevitably facilitated the installation of many multinationals and foreign companies which have, among other things, enabled the country to become the 3rd largest bauxite producer in the world.

  • Bauxite:Largest bauxite deposits in the world with 40 billion tons (content over 40%) of which less than 1% is mined.
  • Iron: Largest untapped iron deposits in the world with 20 billion tons of reserves.
  • Minerals and base metals: The Guinean territory has 40 million tons of limestone and 75 million tons of minerals and base metals.
  • Gold: 30 million carats of available diamond reserves (primary and secondary deposits).
  • Diamond:Estimated gold potential of 700 tons of reserves.


Guinea’s energy potential is enormous, but the power generation capacity is still insufficient to cover national needs and meet the objectives of accelerating growth. Since 2010, a new dynamic has been established with the doubling of the country’s installation capacity from 212MW to 450MW as a result of the launching of the KALETA hydroelectric dam. The start of construction work on other hydroelectric dams currently under way will make it possible to meet all national needs.


Guinea is a country entering the modern era with a very dynamic telecommunications sector characterised by considerable investment and a growing number of users. It offers tremendous opportunities for telecoms to flourish thanks to the government’s willingness to address a digital transformation of several sectors


Guinea offers particularly attractive development conditions for most types of tourism. This advantage is due to the diversity and variety of its landscapes, its microclimates, its fauna and flora, its handicrafts, its hospitable traditions and also its history, which represent a capital of rich and dynamic civilization.

Incentive measures for your projects

Your investment projects that create at least five (05) permanent Guinean jobs for a minimum investment of 200,000,000 GNF benefit from attractive tax and customs advantages.

Customs benefits:

1. Installation phase (3 years’ maximum)

Exemption on all imports except;

  • 0.5% of the Registration Tax (TE) ;
  • 2% of the Processing and Liquidation Fee (RTL) on cost, insurance and freight (CAF);
  • A total exemption on VAT

2. Operating phase (for the duration of the project)

Exemption on all imports of tools, raw materials or inputs except :

  • 2% of the Treatment and Liquidation Fee (RTL) ;
  • 6% of the Single Entry Fee (DUE);
  • 18% of value added tax (VAT): Motor vehicles designed for the transport of people are excluded from exemptions.

Tax Benefits

Installation phase (3 years) 100% exemption on the patent, the single property contribution, the lump sum payment, the apprenticeship tax with the exception of the contribution of 1.5% of the wage bill for the financing of vocational training.

Agence de Promotion des Investissements Privés

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