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Success stories


Reasons to invest

1.Top economy

Italy is one of the 3 key economies within the Eurozone with a GDP worth EUR 1,72 billion (EU, 2017), accounting for 16% of the Eurozone market. The domestic market offers many opportunities, with a population of more than 60 million and a GDP per capita of EUR 27,700 (EU, 2017).

2.Strategic logistic hub

Italy represents a strategic gateway to 500 million consumers across the European Union and to 270 million in Northern Africa and the Middle East, and is the main thoroughfare linking southern Europe to central and eastern Europe.

Transport networks include 6,000 km of motorways (AISCAT, 2016), 1,350 km of high-speed rail (RFI, 2017) and strategic ports for maritime freight and transhipment along the Italian coast and islands.

3.Key manufacturing player

Italy is the 2nd largest manufacturing economy in Europe, the 5th largest globally (World Bank, 2017) and the 9th largest exporter in the world, selling goods worth EUR 448 Billion in 2017 (ISTAT, 2017), maintaining a 2.9% worldwide market share (WTO, 2017) and holding a rare export trade surplus for goods (EUR 47.5 Billion in 2017) among developed countries.

Italy holds leading positions for trade surplus in 899 products out of 5,117 marketed goods (according to the most detailed breakdown of world trade by industry): 1st in 353 products, 2nd in 227 products and 3rd in 319 products (Fondazione Symbola, 2017).

4.Made in Italy competitiveness

Investing in Italy means having access to unique expertise in leading sectors, such as robotics, fashion, design and food.

Companies operating in Italy can also rely on extensive networks of SMEs and manufacturing clusters throughout the country, able to supply high-quality intermediate products specifically tailored to meet customers’ needs in a wide range of sectors (industrial machinery, metals, chemicals, plastics, paper, ceramics, textile, marine industries, etc.).

5.Skilled workforce

Italy’s skilled workforce offers an overall better cost performance than its comparable European partners. The labour cost in Italy is in fact below the Eurozone average and, on an hourly basis, labour costs in Italy are about 22% lower than in France and 16% lower than in Germany (Eurostat, 2017).

31 Italian universities are ranked in the top 500 academic institutions in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking (THE, 2017).

6.R&D and innovation

Research and innovation are widely integrated into industrial processes with a long tradition of excellence in many fields of physics and engineering (e.g. robotics), life sciences (e.g. neurosciences), and social sciences and humanities (e.g. high-tech archaeological techniques).

Italian researchers, internationally recognized as highly productive in terms of articles and citations, actively participate and/or lead R&D European networks, such as the CERN physics laboratory, and top-level research infrastructures of transnational interest in sectors such as aerospace, systems biology, earth observation, nanobiotechnology, marine and maritime research, etc.

Italy also ranks 5th in the EU for the contribution of high-tech and medium-tech products to the trade balance as % of total exports & imports of products, and 6th for design applications (Eurostat, Research & Innovation Performance Survey, 2014).

7.Quality of life and cultural offer

Italian cities are overflowing with ancient monuments and treasures, and this – combined with its world-famous art, culture, music, food, and quality goods – gives Italy an unparalleled quality of life. Italy is ranked 1st worldwide for UNESCO World Heritage (53 sites as of end 2017). As a result, international tourist arrivals to Italy are more than 50 million annually, placing Italy 5th among the world’s top destinations (Untwo 2017).

As the 7th top global country brand relating to ‘experience’ (Nation Brand Index 2017), Italy inspires passion and interest over its heritage & culture, tourism and ‘Made in Italy’ goods. The ‘Made in Italy’ factor makes every brand unique and attractive.

8.Pro investment incentives

Innovative investments: stimulate private investments in Industry4.0 technology drivers; increase private expenditure in research & development & innovation; expand open innovation relationships between mature companies and high-tech startups.

Skills: spread the I4.0 culture through educational and vocational training programs through Technological Clusters and Industrial PhDs; create Competence Centers and Digital Innovation Hubs.

9.Open To FDI

According to the “FDI Confidence Index”, Italy ranked 10th overall in 2018, up from 13th in 2017 and 16th in 2016. Italy’s improvement was influenced by the several reforms enacted since 2014 to facilitate investments, including those to streamline labour policies and make starting-a-business easier (A.T. Kearney, 2018).

In 2016, Italy received USD 29 Billion of Foreign Direct Investments (including 181 investment projects), up from USD 19 Billion in 2015 and 135 projects (EY European Investment Monitor).

The Italian Association of Foreign Banks Index, measuring Italy’s attractiveness on data gathered from foreign managers and institutional investors, has increased from 33.2 in 2014 to 40.3 today.

In 2016, mergers-&-acquisitions in Italy reached EUR 49 Billion, the highest level since 2001 (Chiomenti Report 2017).

10.Public support to foreign investors

As one stop shop, the Italian Trade Agency takes care of the full investment cycle.

Preinvestment information: market and business environment; taxes, legal system and labour market; incentive programme framework and financial scouting.

– Business set-up: location scouting & site visit; authorisations; permits for foreign investors; Human Resources research; Liaison Office with Public Administration.

– After care: assistance for new projects and expansion.

Investment Incentives

Together with reforms Italy has introduced numerous financial incentives aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the country as a FDIs destination, encouraging R&D operations, supporting industrial crisis areas, and fostering the growth of new innovative enterprises.


  • Tax credits on assets

Companies investing in tangible and intangible capital goods accordingly to the Industry 4.0 national strategy can benefit of a wide range of tax credits from 15% (intangible assets) to 20-40% (tangible assets). Companies investing in ordinary tangible assets can benefit of a 6% tax credit.

  • Tax credit for Special Economic Zones

Companies investing inside the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily (seaports, inland ports, airports, production areas, logistic platforms and intermodal freight villages) until the end of 2022 and for a maximum investment of  € 50 MLN, can benefit of a tax credit of 25% (large), 35% (medium) or 45& (small).

  • Tax credit for South Italy

Companies investing in Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Molise and Abruzzo within the end of 2020, can benefit of a tax credit of 25% (large), 35% (medium) or 45& (small).

  • Tax Credit on expenditures (personnel, tangible assets depreciation charges, consultancy, etc.) related to:

-R&D (12%),

-Technological innovation (6%),

-Technological innovation for Industry 4.0 (10%),

-Aesthetic conception (textile, footwear, fashion sectors) (6%).

  • Patent Box

It consists of a 50% tax deduction for incomes arising from direct use or licensing of qualified intangible assets. It regards reduction of corporate income Tax (IRES) and Regional production Tax (IRAP).

  • Industry 4.0 Training

The aid aims at stimulating companies investments regarding training paths about Industry 4.0 “enabling technologies” (automation, cloud, etc.). It consists of a 40% tax credit of the expenses related to the personnel employed in eligible training activities.

  • ACE – Help for Economic Growth

The incentive aims at encouraging the capitalization of companies through the possibility of deducting from the net income, up to the amount of the same, an amount (notional yield) determined as an increase in equity. The applied tax rate on company revenue (IRES) only for this specific amount is 1.3%.

  • Employment bonuses

Several bonuses available for the hiring of people under 35, women, men and women over 50, workers/teachers/researchers residing abroad, etc.

For startups, large projects, R&D projects and others incentives visit: https://www.ice.it/en/invest/investment-incentives 

Sector oportunities

Link for Business Opportunities



The aerospace industry is taking on an increasingly important role for regional economic development in Italy. The technological skills and know-how if Italian aeronautics and space companies, combined with the increasingly advanced technological knowledge required in production processes and Italian companies’ growing participation in major international research programmes, have become critical growth drivers for Italy in the sector.

In the coming years, the key developments in the aerospace sector will be centred around:

digitisation and sustainability

  • The Italian aerospace industry is the 4th in Europe by revenue generated and the 7th in the world 
  • FDI reached €1.095 B in 2018 (+2.9% from 2017)
  • In 2018, the major companies invested over €1.7 B in R&D
  • There are aerospace industry districts in 11 out of 20 different regions of Italy
  • 30 universities and 53 research centres are linked to these districts
  • Italy boasts 28 start-ups and innovative SMEs in the aerospace sector


The Italian Agrifood sector represents an excellence that stands out in terms of quality, food safety, technological innovation, sustainability, biodiversity, and respect for tradition. Italy is, in fact, a Country characterized by great territorial and climatic differences that have been shaped in cultures, stories and traditions, exceptionally varied and unique. These characteristics have led to the establishment of a large number of small companies, often family-owned, which, facing the challenge of price-competition in foreign markets, have focused on enhancing the uniqueness of their products.

Competitive Advantage

  • Wide range of high quality products and high safety standards
  • Products certified on the first position of international markets
  • Close links with the territory and with the Italian cultural heritage


The automotive industry has played and continues to play a very important role in Italy’s economic development, especially given the huge number of jobs filled. This is true for the entire value chain, from vehicle and component design to the manufacture and marketing of finished goods both inside the country and around the world. 

With regard to vehicle production, in 2019 the Italian automobile industry ranked 6th in Europe and 19th in the world. In terms of vehicles sales, the Italian market is the 4th largest in Europe and 9th in the world.

Competitive Advantage

  • In Italy, R&D expenditures in the motor vehicle manufacturing sector account for 12.6% of all R&D investments made in the country
  • The Italian automotive sector contains 25 start-ups and innovative SMEs
  • FDI stocks are on the rise, going from €15.87 billion in 2017 to €16.693 billion in 2018

4.Chemical & Pharma

Italy is historically one of the largest producers of active ingredients in the world (and accounts for 11% of total production). The Italian pharmaceutical raw materials industry is mainly concentrated on the production of active ingredients, which represent about 85% of total turnover.

A significant portion of the production of the sector is destined for export and in particular one of the destination countries that absorbs a greater share of exports is North America, reflecting the fact that the Italian active ingredients industry has consolidated over time a position of qualified supplier for the most demanding markets in terms of product quality, thanks to its strengths that guarantee its reliability.

5.Consumer Goods

Italian consumer goods are known all over the world: eyewear, fashion, jewelry, furniture and design are among the most requested in the world thanks to the high quality and innovative abilities of the Italian business sector.

Competitive Advantage

  • the electrical engineering sector recorded + 2.7% in 2017
  • the electronics sector recorded a 7.8% increase in turnover in 2017
  • export improoved by 5,2% on average in 2017 thanks to the growing foreign demand

6.Green Economy

The European Commission defines the bioeconomy as “The production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value-added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. To be successful, the European bioeconomy needs to have sustainability and circularity at its heart. This will drive the renewal of industries, the modernisation of primary production systems, the protection of the environment and enhance biodiversity” (Source: European Bioeconomy Strategy).

There are therefore 3 important areas of the bioeconomy:

  • agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture;
  • food, beverages and tobacco;
  • other industries that use and/or transform biological resources (such as the paper, wood, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemicals, biotech, energy, textile and apparel industries).


In 2017, the sector (accounting around 1,300 total enterprises) grew to an aggregate turnover of € 78 billion (€ 58 billion for electrical engineering and electronics and € 20 billion euros for general contractors), 4% of which invested in research and development, and over 468,000 employees.

Competitive Advantage

  • the electrical engineering sector recorded + 2.7% in 2017
  • the electronics sector recorded a 7.8% increase in turnover in 2017
  • export improoved by 5,2% on average in 2017 thanks to the growing foreign demand


With a growth which had not been recorded since 2005, the Italian digital market reached a 2.3% increase from the previous year in 2017.

In this period, the total market value exceeded 68,700 million euros and the forecasts for the next three years (2018-2020) are confident of an average annual 2.7% growth rate.

Competitive Advantage

  • 2th in the World for competitiveness in the Electronic components sectors (Source:  The Ranking of competitiveness of the Trade Performance Index 2016)
  • Italy has some of the world’s best engineering universities. Indeed, engineering is the 2nd highest course for enrolment in the country – 225,619 currently studying an engineering discipline  (Source: Ministry of Education)


Located at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, with 40 major ports and 42 airports, Italy is a strategic gateway between Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The Strategic Plan enacted by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport has developed 4 strategies to improve connectivity by:

  • prioritizing strategic public works
  • betting on intermodality to encourage the modal shift
  • improving the technological dimension of infrastructures and investing on a solid maintenance program
  • planning and financing a relevant investment plan in the urban areas

10.Life Sciences

In the past 25 years Life Science sector has leaded the national economy (with a market share of around 15%), thanks to the high technologies employed and its recognized quality products which have allowed it to successfully enter extremely strict and controlled markets such as the American, European, and Japanese ones.

Competitive Advantage

  • 1st Country by number of Advanced Therapy products authorized by the EU (3 out of 5)
  • Worldwide medtech sales are forecast to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 5.1 percent, reaching US$521.9 billion by 2022.


Due to the progress made in the fields of design, construction and techniques, the Italian industry has conquered a world-leading position in the machinery sector, as witnessed by the result reached in the international export flows.

Competitive Advantage

  • With 5,150 companies, 191,500 employees, and a turnover that, in 2017, amounted to 46.6 billion euro (+ 9.7% compared to 2016), 68% of the produced goods are destined to export.
  • Also in this sector, Italian goods are highly appreciated by international customers thanks to their high technological standards and the custom-made approach of the offer.

12.Real Estate

The constant improvement of macroeconomic indicators and the significant amount of liquidity boosted by low interest rates are the main factors contributing to the Italian real estate market current growth.

Competitive Advantage

  • The Italian Real Estate market continues its relaunch, thanks to a return of direct investments, a pillar of family allocation.
  • Foreign investors continue to have a central role, with an incidence on transactions of 70%, equal to 7.6 billion euros in 2017.

Investment Opportunities in Italian Real Estate:

Italian Trade Agency


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  • Address via Liszt
  • State/county California
  • Zip/Postal Code 00144
  • Area Northeast Los Angeles
  • Country United States


Updated on February 5, 2021 at 3:39 pm
  • Location ID: HZHZ44
  • Price 1: $9,000/mo
  • Location Size 1: 3100 Sq Ft
  • Year Built 1: 2017
  • FDI Location Status: For Rent

Additional details

  • Deposit: 20%
  • Pool Size: 300 Sqft
  • Last remodel year: 1987
  • Amenities: Clubhouse
  • Additional Rooms:: Guest Bath
  • Equipment: Grill - Gas

Floor Plans


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