The independent democratic republic of Seychelles is a tax haven with a stable political system that offers one of the most attractive complete offshore formation packages, created and supported by one of the most auspicious legal and regulatory authorities in the offshore global arena.

International Business Companies (IBC)

IBCs are limited companies that carry out business activities outside of Seychelles. They are incorporated by the Registrar of International Business Companies which is the Financial Services Authority (FSA). These companies are created for conducting international business outside of Seychelles and are exempt from all forms of taxation. IBCs are ideal for a wide variety of uses such as holding companies, asset protection, patents and copyright holding companies.

Key features for company Formation 

  • A completely tax-free offshore corporation
  • You can have a one-man company (same director and shareholder)
  • No residency requirements
  • No disclosure of shareholders/directors on the public register or to any authority
  • Share capital can be of any amount and the government fee remains the same, there’s no additional fees
  • Business can be conducted anywhere around the world, excluding the Seychelles
  • No filing of audited accounts
  • Legal tax exemption; no taxation on any kind of income and no accountant costs
  • A minimum of 1 Director is required – can be any nationality and can reside anywhere in the world
  • A minimum of 1 Shareholder is required – can be any nationality and can reside anywhere in the world
  • You are not required to visit Seychelles to form your company
  • Simple maintenance: no annual filings

Why Form Seychelles Companies?

The Seychelles is an island country which can be found in the Indian ocean.  The area is a popular jurisdiction for those seeking to form a company offshore due to the low start up and maintenance costs associated with doing so and the exemption from all taxes that is afforded to companies in the country.

  • A minimum of one Director and one Shareholder is required. They may be natural persons or bodies corporate, be of any nationality and need not be resident in Seychelles
  • No minimum paid-up capital is required to start up a Seychelles IBC
  • No public disclosure of directors or shareholders
  • Total exemption from all forms of local taxation including stamp duty
  • No requirement for audit or to file accounts and annual returns.
  • Incorporation procedures are straightforward and can normally be completed in one day
  • Shelf companies are available for immediate purchase

Features of Seychelles Offshore Law & Regulations

  • Hybrid between Civil Law and Common Law
  • Affordable fees for government licensing
  • Tax-free International Business Companies (IBC)
  • Special License Companies (CSL) – resident companies with 1.5% tax
  • Modern, up-to-date body of laws that allows for and regulates offshore banking, offshore companies, protected cell companies, limited partnerships, mutual funds, and hedge funds 
  • Rapidly-expanding network of Double Taxation Avoidance treaties with Bahrain, Barbados, Botswana, China, Cyprus, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, U.A.E, Vietnam and Zambia
  • Incorporate (form an time IBC) in only 24 hours
  • Government committed to positioning Seychelles as a top international offshore financial center
  • Solid banking secrecy, considered one of the best jurisdictions for protecting the privacy of its foreign investors

The Advantages Of Forming Seychelles Companies

1.No Tax

Of course, one of the biggest draws for people looking to form a company in the Seychelles is the fact that they will not be subject to any tax payments whatsoever on either income or profits. This includes stamp duty. This makes Seychelles companies much more competitive than those in many other jurisdictions around the world. However, you must bear in mind that in order to keep your tax free status, you should not seek to pursue business within the territory of the Seychelles. You are, however, free to do so anywhere else on the globe whilst taking advantage of your tax exempt status.


Another huge benefit of Seychelles companies is that they are amongst the most confidential in the world. Details of Seychelles companies, including directors and shareholders are not made public, so there is no need to worry about your business being kept private.

Protected Cell Companies (PCC)

Under the Protected Cell Companies Act, 2003 a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1972 can be authorized to divide into identifiable cells without having to assume a separate legal entity. Cells within a PCC are protected against liabilities incurred by cells of the same company making it an attractive solution for many business activities such as captive insurance or mutual funds businesses.

Limited Partnerships

Limited Partnerships are registered under the Limited Partnership Act 2003 and are subject to the Seychelles Commercial Code. Under the Act limited partnerships must carry out its business activities outside the Seychelles and enjoys benefits such as exemptions from:

  • Stamp duty
  • Exchange Controls
  • Trades tax (custom duties) on capital goods for use in its office,
  • Social security contributions,
  • Work permit fees in respect of foreign employees

International Financial Services

Over the last decade, Seychelles has seen significant success in establishing itself as a well-known and respected international financial services jurisdiction. 

International trusts

Trusts set up under the International Trust Act 1994, provide an efficient, sensible and legitimate means of protecting your assets depending on your requirements. There are various purposes for trusts and these include property-holding trusts, charitable trusts or purpose trusts which are not used for the benefit of individuals, but for some specific purpose.


The Seychelles Foundation Act 2009 encompasses many of the best provisions found in other foundation jurisdictions yet provides more precision on essential legal issues in addition to more flexibility and better asset protection.

Companies Special License (CSL)

The Seychelles CSL is a local tax resident company specially licensed under the Companies (Special Licences) Act, 2003 by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is subject to a tax rate of 1.5% of its worldwide (gross) income. 

Mutual and Hedge Funds

Under the Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act 2008, Seychelles’ licensed funds may be administered in Seychelles or in a recognized jurisdiction and can be incorporated as a company, partnership or unit trust. Various types of mutual funds are available such as private funds, professional funds, and public funds. 

Securities industry related licences

The Securities Act 2007 provides for various licences which allow business activity to be undertaken in the securities industry namely:

Securities Exchange licence – which is available to companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1972 that meets the licensing and regulatory requirements to conduct the activity of operating a market, exchange, place or facility which brings together on a regular basis purchasers and sellers of securities.


All insurance activities in Seychelles are licensed and regulated under the framework provided by the Insurance Act 2008. Seychelles encourages new entrants in the Insurance market and investors are welcome to set up Insurance and Reinsurance offices.


All Seychelles offshore banks are controlled by the Central Bank of Seychelles, which is completely responsible for the guideline of all financial activity within Seychelles. With zero percent taxation offered to all investors, Seychelles has proven to be a popular jurisdiction amongst many investors. Main benefits of opening an account privacy, security and anonymity.



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